Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP on Wednesday: Giants Bankhead Hat

As you may have noticed I love football. This means that I have to participate in the Down Cellar Studio Pigskin Party KAL. Basically this is a KAL the runs from the kickoff of the NFL season through the Super Bowl. You earn points based upon the number of yards you knit and using sponsor products. There are also interceptions where you can earn bonus points. The first interception is to make something to wear using team colors.

I had some yarn leftover from Clark's Spider-man hat that happens to match the colors of the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. Since I cannot stand the Patriots I am calling this my Giants Bankhead Hat.

Once this is finished it will be added to my pile of charity knits. If you decide to jon in the KAL let me know. You can also earn bonus by drafting new members. Until next time ....

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: The Looking Back/Looking Forward Edition

The topic for this week is 5 best things you did this summer and 5 things you are looking forward to doing this fall. 

Best of summer:
1) Celebrating my birthday
2) Watching Clark play soccer
3) Huckleberry Railroad
4) Our visit to Michigan State
5) Relaxing with my guys

Looking forward to doing this fall:

1) Visiting the cider mill
2) Seeing the leaves change colors
3) Watching more soccer
4) Carving a pumpkin for Halloween
5) Eating as many pumpkin things as I can

Monday, September 19, 2016

Vacation Shenanigans

We had two weeks between the end of Clark's summer day camp and the start of school. With the hubby's new job we could not take a vacation so I tried to come up with a couple of fun things for us to do during the 5 days I was off with him.

First up we went to Huckleberry Railroad. We had such a nice day. It was not to hot and was sunny until we went to get on the boat when we got caught in a 30 minute downpour. We had lunch, ate ice cream,toured the old time village and saw a very loud and vocal goat.

Another day we drove up to Lansing to see mama's alma mater. We had lunch with my sister who works in the area, saw my old dorm (man has that changed), took pictures with Sparty, went to the chapel where mommy and daddy got married and had ice cream at the dairy store.

It as so great to get to have these adventures with my little man. I will need to come up with a few ideas for when Christmas vacation rolls around.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

FO: Gingerbread Hat

Pattern: Gingerbread Hat by Angela Whisnant
Needles: Size 8 (5.0MM)
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Forest Green Heather
Modifications: none
Comments: I really enjoyed this pattern. It was easy enough to memorize but kept my attention. This will end up at our local homeless shelter this winter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: The Football Food Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Favorite Football Foods. As in, your favorite things to eat while watching football.  Now I do watch a lot of football but I don’t really eat many special things around the games.

1) We always get Pizza Papalis for the big game
2) I always loved the ice cream sandwiches from Melting Moments at the MSU games
3) Soft pretzels with light salt please
4) Popcorn
5) Hot chocolate when the weather turns cold
6) Sub sandwiches

That’s really all I can think of. Boring I know.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Musings

Well folks it is September. I am not quite sure how we got here but here it is.

1) Little man turned 8 last Monday. I cannot believe how fast the past 8 years have gone by.

2) The first week of school went well. Clark absolutely loves his teacher which is a good thing.

3) Soccer started on Saturday. It is an instructional league so there are 2 teams - they practise for 45 minutes and have a 45 minute game. The other team was way over matched so the coach asked for some volunteers to switch teams and my little guy volunteered. I am so proud of him.

4) NFL season has begun and I am once again in football heaven.

Here are some pictures for you.

My 8 year old with his Spider-man

First day of 2nd grade

Oh Dollar Tree I am not ready for this

Soccer season begins

Thursday, September 08, 2016

FO: Birth Stone Color Affection

Pattern: Color Affection by Veera Valimaki
Needles: size 6 (4.0MM)
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Oyster Heather (Pearl June for me), Blue Note Heather (Sapphire September for Clark) and Brass Note Heather (Topaz November for Jerry)
Modifications: none
Comments: I purloined this idea from Prairie Girl Susie. I really enjoyed the pattern. You do need to make sure that you are carrying that yarn very loosely up the sides. I did not use nearly as much yarn as the pattern calls for and I tend to be a bit of a tight knitter. I love this object. It is so soft and squishy and is like wearing a hug from my guys.