Monday, May 27, 2024

Monday Musings

On this Memorial Day please take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedoms. Now these are the things that are currently on my mind.

1) Only two weeks left of school. I know that Clark and I are ready for the year to be over. Preston tends to change his mind from day to day.

2) Big surprise but the insurance agent for the restaurant where I fell is giving me the run around. I really do not want to hire an attorney but I may have to.

3) I am still improving every day both mentally and physically. I am still having some tingling and numbness in my head which is annoying me. I just hope that it is not a permanent issue.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Friday Funnies

I hope you enjoy your long weekend if you are in the US. Otherwise I hope you have a great normal weekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Three on Thursday

As another week comes to an end these are the things I am thankful for.

1) I have started my medications again and I am feeling soooooo much better.

2) We have had some beautiful this week.

3) That we have a 3 day weekend ahead of us.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Monday Musings

Well another week is starting and these are the things that are currently on my mind.

1) I went to the doctor on Friday and I am hoping that the changes she has put in place will help me feel better.

2) I am completely irritated with everything lately which I know is a side effect of the health issues I am dealing with. 

3) When I am in a bad mood Preston will come up to me, give me a hug and tell me that he loves me. It's hard to be in a bad mood after that.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Friday Funnies

Have a terrific weekend all.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Three on Thursday


As this week comes to an end these are the things I am currently thankful for.

1) That the boys do not have school tomorrow. That means I get to sleep in, not having to worry about packing Preston's lunch or fighting with Clark to get up.

2) Slow and steady recovery from my concussion.

3) Bunny Tracks ice cream from Blue Bunny. Since it has peanuts I do not have to share with the boys.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

True Life Tuesday: Jean Spangler

This is a mystery that has never been solved. Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born in Seattle, Washington on September 2, 1923. She was the youngest child of Cecil and Florence Morris Spangler. In 1941 she graduated from Franklin High School in 1941. The next year she married Dexter Benner, a manufacturer. Together they had a daughter Christine who was born in April 1944. The couple ended up divorcing in 1946 and had a viscous custody battle over their daughter. Jean was finally awarded custody in 1948. Jean also started her film career in 1948. She appeared uncredited as a dancer in When My Baby Smiles At Me (1948), Chicken Every Sunday (1949) and Young Man With a Horn (1950).

On Friday October 7, 1949 she left the home she shared with her daughter, mother, brother and sister-in-law around 5pm. She left Christine with her sister-in-law Sophie stating that she was going to see her ex-husband Benner about his late child support payment. She was then going to work a night shoot for a film. She called home about 2 hours after she left to speak with Sophie and Christine. After she did not return home on the morning of October 8th Sophie filed a missing persons report. 

Police checked with the studios and the Screen Extras Guild and no one had a record of Jean working on a set that night. Police questioned her ex-husband and he stated that he had not seen Jean in several weeks and his new wife confirmed his story. A saleswomen at the farmer's market near her home stated that she saw Jean around 6pm and it looked like she was waiting for someone. 

On October 9th her purse, with torn straps, was found near the Fern Dell Entrance of Griffith Park about 5.5 miles from her house. Over 60 police and 100 volunteers searched the area but were unable to find any further clues. A note was found in her purse that said: "Kirk: can't wait any longer, Gone to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away," She had just finished filming a small part in Young Man With a Horn starring Kirk Douglas. Many people felt that this was the Kirk in the letter. On October 12th Douglas held a press conference stating that he did talk with Jean on set briefly but that they did not have any type of relationship. According to her friends she was 3 months pregnant when she disappeared and talked about having an abortion.

There were many theories were put forth about her disappearance. The most common is that she died due to a botched illegal abortion. Some also felt that she may have been the victim of the same killer who murdered the Black Dahlia. Many people brought up the resemblance between the two women. Finally some people thought that she was taken out by the mob due to her work in some mafia owned clubs. Columnist Louella Parsons offered a $1000 reward for information on Jean's disappearance. She is still listed as a missing person and her case with the LAPD is still open.