Friday, January 01, 2016

Hello 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe time last night. Unfortunately my Spartans were blown out in their bowl game but other than that things were good. I made chicken nachos and our traditional bacon appetizers and Clark fell asleep on the couch around 10pm.

Here are my set of 2016 goals:

1) Learn to crochet
2) Learn color work
3) Learn to sew
4) Finish our blanket
5) Make Clark's 5 year blanket
6) Learn to cross stitch
7) Knit every day
8) Knit 24 ornaments for our tree
9) Knit 52 preemie hats
10) Hat for Clark
11) Doctor Who blanket for Jerry

1) Lose 1lb per week
2) Work out 3 times per week
3) Cut out sugar
4) Go to knitting at least 2 times per month
5) Read 52 books
6)Write in a private journal daily
7)Study a language on Duolingo
8) Post a picture to Instagram daily

1) Save $20 per month
2) Less unnecessary spending
3) Start savings account for Clark
4) Allowance for Clark

1) Special event once per month
2) More educational activities with Clark
3) Restart Clark's chore chart
4) Eat dinner together 3 times per week

1) 15 minutes decluttering per week
2) Deep clean one area per week

1) Open Etsy shop by end of 2nd quarter
2) Work on knitting designs
3) Blog 3 times per week
4) Buy domain name
5) Podcast every two weeks
1) Be kinder to myself
2) Realize I cannot do everything
3) Don't be afraid to do new things
4) Remember that I do not have to complete everything right away

Word of the year:

Phrase of the year:
Let it go

May we all leave 2016 better than we came into it. Until next time ....


Margaret said...

I totally approve of the goal to attend knit night more often. We miss you!

A :-) said...

Wow! That is an ambitious list!! You Go, Girl! :-)