Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musings Minus the Musings

I really do not have much to say today. My hubby's cousin passed away last week and we have been dealing with that. Things like this make my anxiety skyrocket. She was 52 years old and leaves behind a husband who adored her and 4 kids. I have been trying to avoid thinking about what would happen to my husband and son if I were to die but I cannot help myself. So I do not feel that I can coherently talk about anything today so here are some pictures for you.

 Fall foliage
 A foggy morning
 I have some untangling to do
 The first breathing treatment of the season
 Little man and his creation at Lego Time at the library
 He loves this statue at the library
 Being silly at Panera

A large mushroom growing in our parking lot

 More fall foliage
A good thing for me to keep in mind at this time

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A :-) said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss Kristyn. My cousins are like my brothers and sisters - it is so difficult to lose one - and it's so hard to think that someone's work is done at such a young age. I'm really sorry.