Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Books Read: October 2016

October was another month where I only managed to finish 2 books. So far for the year I have only read 29 books. I have a feeling that this year will be one of the lowest total number of books read since I started keeping track in 2008. Oh well this is my free time so I should not feel bad for not reading as much as I wanted to. That being said in October I finished the following:

1) Dark Witch: The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy Book 1 by Nora Roberts – this book follows Iona Sheehan as she moves to Ireland, meets her distant cousins and learns how to practise her witchcraft to fight an ancient evil force. This book is a very typical of Nora Roberts. She has several trilogies that follow this basic premise. I did enjoy it though so I recommend it if you are a fan.

2) Silver Linings: A Rose Harbor Novel by Debbie Macomber – in this entry of the series the mysterious Mark has moved away leaving Jo Marie heartbroken while she has two women at the inn who are trying to right past wrongs at their 10 year high school reunion. Again this is very typical of Debbie Macomber but was an enjoyable book. I did guess what the twist was but since these are not labeled as mysteries that does not really bother me.  

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