Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings

How is it that November is half over already? Seriously time you need to slow the heck down! Here is what I am thinking about today.
1) I am sick. I have no extra PTO to take so I have to suck it up and deal with it. I did spend most of the weekend sleeping though.
2) I will not get into the election here but I will just say that I cried on Wednesday morning when I saw the results and they were not tears of joy.
3) Election Day was also our 13th wedding anniversary. At least that was a good thing. I also had the day off from work because little man did not have school.
4) My BIL is in town and I have now inherited his Mac Book Pro since he bought a new one. It is taking some getting used to since I have always used a PC but it is ok so far.
5) Work has been crazy lately. We are very short handed and that is another reason why I cannot take time off right now. We have one person who is coming back from leave tomorrow so hopefully some relief is in sight.
Here are the pictures from the last couple of weeks.

 These temps are long gone but it was nice while it lasted
Cubbies win!!
 Another hat for Operation Chemo Comfort
 We finally made it to the Cider Mill
 We take a picture on this tractor every year
 We have been playing many games of Life in the past few weeks
 Eating lunch at Panera after voting
 It has been a long time since us Spartan fans have had to say forget football and brig on b-ball season
 I love that little man is turning into a reader
 It is a small gesture but it is something I can control

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