Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Books Read: March 2018

Well I am falling behind on my 52 in 52 challenge. With exhaustion and brain fog setting in it is taking me much longer to read. Sometimes I have to read the same page 2 or 3 times to remember what happened. In March I read the following 3 books.

1) Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm by Mardi Jo Link - I enjoyed this book but there were a lot of places where the author comes across as majorly whiny, It was an interesting insight into a how a small family farm is run which is not something we think of these days.

2) The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley - while I liked this book due to the previously mentioned brain fog I had a hard time with the back and forth nature of the story. It seemed to me that the big twist at the end - which was not really that difficult to figure out - really did not add anything to the story and was put in to add some more drama which I don't think the book needed.

3) The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness and Peace by Pedram Shojai - while I did agree with many of the authors points it seemed to me that the book was being used more as a way to sell you things. I ended up skimming a lot of the "advice".

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