Monday, October 08, 2018

Finally Introducing

It has taken me a month to write this post but I am finally introducing the newest member of our family.

Preston Kenneth
6lbs 4oz
19-1/2" long

It was a very difficult labor, delivery and recovery. To make a long story short at different points they thought I was having a heart attack, had a blood clot in my lung or had fluid around my heart. Every test came back negative and I am still here and kicking.

 Daddy and baby
Pondering the meaning of life
One month today
Hanging with brother


Unknown said...

I found your blog a while back after seeing your posts on Carole Knits blog. Congratulations! Your son is beautiful! I love the name you picked. There are a long line of Prestons in my family. Number six will be 1 1/2 in December. Take care of you. April

Margaret said...

He's a beautiful child. Can't wait to meet him in person.

A :-) said...

Been just hopping from foot to foot waiting to hear!! So glad you are alright, and Preston is a handsome little guy :-) Congratulations!!!