Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Musings

I can hardly believe today is the last Monday in March. It seems impossible that the first quarter of the year is almost over. Here is what is on my mind today.

1) I did our taxes over the weekend and we are actually receiving a pretty nice refund this year. I am very thankful because we really need it.

2) Although Preston is usually a great sleeper at night he has been really restless the last week or so. I am hoping it is the 6 month sleep regression and will be over soon.

3) I am really enjoying our warmer temps and later sunrises. It is always nice to come out of the winter doldrums.

Here are the pictures for the week.

Knitting only a row or 2 a day makes for slow going on Preston's baby blanket

I love this little face he makes
My favorite picture ever!
A benefit of working from home is watching the game on the big TV instead of my phone
Out for a walk at the mall with daddy and brother while mama is home doing taxes
Brotherly love

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A :-) said...

I love that last one - no, it doesn't happen overnight. Thanks for posting that!