Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Musings

Here we are more than half way through January. I cannot believe that time is going by even faster than normal. But at the same time it seems to be going by very slowly as well. Here is what is on my mind this week.

1) Preston seems to be 100% recovered from his hospital stay. I need to get an appointment scheduled for him with the asthma doctor still.

2) It was a very cold and snowy weekend. We stayed in the house the entire time. It was only 13 degrees according to my car when I left to take Preston to daycare this morning. Clark is off of school for MLK day so he got to stay warm and cozy in bed.

3) My patience with our home situation is starting to wear very thin. My BIL has bee staying with us since August. I told my DH he could only stay 3 months and here we are going into month number 6. I wouldn't be so upset but I don't think he is even looking for a job. Almost 6 months and he has only had 2 calls from recruiters. I was looking for a job in 2009 when the economy was in the toilet and I had more interviews than that.

Here are the pictures for the past few weeks.

All the Clark grand kids on Christmas day
He loves this little Smart Shots Sports Center that Santa brought
He is such a good big brother
Having dinner at Panera
Loving on mama's yarn
Hanging out in the recliner watching football
Hanging out with daddy
Happy boys
I love this face
Being in the hospital stinks
Waiting to be discharged
He has this ear bud thing down
I hate having to wake him up
Just hanging out and destroying the house on a snowy Saturday afternoon

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A :-) said...

Poor little guy - so glad he's OK!