Wednesday, February 05, 2020

2019 in Review

It is February 5th and I am just now getting around to posting my 2019 in Review. I hope this is not an indication of how the year is going to go. However, I feel like I am making strides because I would normally be stressed about this and would beat myself up for not being on top of things. Right now I am letting it go and saying in the grand scheme of things this just does not matter much. That is major progress for me.

My word of the year was calm and my goals for 2019 were:

1) Read 12 books
2) Knit 12 preemie hats
3) Publish a pattern (right now I am working on a baby blanket, shawl and dishcloth pattern that have been worked on here and there for the past 2 years)
4) Lose 15 pounds (I need to lose a lot more but I am going easy on myself)

I do feel like I was able to incorporate my word a little bit in my life. We have dealt with some things that year that pushed my patience and I feel like I was better able to deal with these issues than I have in the past.

My knitting production was pretty low. I managed to finish only four projects - one preemie hat, a market bag, a scarf/shawlette and a baby blanket. I did not publish the pattern for the blanket, in fact I did not even start writing it up.

I did lose 8 pounds for the year which is not great but better than nothing. I do still want to lose some weight but I am not going to put a number on it. My niece is getting married in July like I would like to be able to buy a dress in a smaller size. Also II need to buy a scale. I used to weigh myself at work but since I no longer have access to the office because our company was bought out I have no way to weigh myself.

The one goal I did manage to meet was my reading goal. I read 15 books for the year for a total of 4609 pages. Here are the books I read:

1) Rising Strong by Brene Brown (9/20-1/11/19: 280 pages)
2) A Knit Before Dying: A Tangled Web Mystery by Sadie Hartwell (1/12-2/2/19: 263 pages)
3) The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes (2/2-3/30/19: 390 pages)
4) Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller (3/31-5/23/19: 367 pages)
5) The Book Jumper by Mechthild Glaser (5/23-6/23/19: 373 pages)
6) Hide and Sneak: A Savannah Reid Mystery (6/23-7/16/19: 277 pages)
7) Only Skein Deep: A Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton (7/16-7/31/19:261 pages)
8) Sweet Tomorrows: A Rose Harbor Novel by Debbie Macomber (7/31-8/21/19: 337 pages)
9) Dyeing Up Loose Ends: A Knitting Mystery by Maggie Sefton (8/22-9/12/19: 263 pages)
10) You Can if You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale (9/12-10/10/19: 530 pages)
11) Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore (10/11-11/5/19: 293 pages)
12) We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union (11/6-11/30/19: 262 pages)
13) Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber (12/1-12/11/19: 253 pages)
14) The Christmas Angel by Jane Maas (12/12-12/22/19: 175 pages)
15) There’s Something About Christmas by Debbie Macomber (12/23-12/31/19: 284 pages)

All in all 2019 was good and bad like most years seem to be. Here's to 2020 and a new decade!

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