Wednesday, April 08, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Well hello there - long time no "see". The last few weeks have been both extremely long and quick at the same time. Stress has been the name of the game around these parts but thankfully things are slowing down and relaxing a bit which is nice. Here is what I am thinking about this week.

1) We started our move on 3/27 and ended on 4/1. We were unable to find movers who did not charge a small fortune and with our state being under a shelter in place order only my husband and his brother did the move. It took way longer than any of us thought it would.

2) We threw away so much stuff. Clothes, toys, books and more. I felt horribly wasteful but there is nowhere to donate this stuff now and I was not about to move it and store it. That would have made our move even longer.

3) My husband was laid off as of 3/23. I am still working since my job is remote anyway but our daycare did close on 3/20. He is not enjoying being Mr. Mom.

4) Last week the governor closed our schools for the rest of the year. While I was expecting it I was still a bit disappointed for the kids.

5) I had to get gas today for the first time since the shelter in place order went into effect. I am not driving much obviously, just up to the school twice per week to pick up breakfast and lunch for the boys, but my low fuel light was on. I took a gallon sized Ziploc bag and put my hand in it to touch the screen and pump. That is something I never thought I would do. Plus $20 almost filled up my tank since gas is so cheap now.

Here are some pictures for the last few weeks.

Why can't he sleep like this on the weekends?
I am so not ready for this
Trying to be cool like daddy
 Uh Duolingo what is going on here?
Little man on his 18 month birthday
I found some treasures at the Dollar Tree
Scotty the Hawk trying to keep spirits up during materials pickup
My little bookworm

My new coworker is very cute but doesn't get much done
This breaks my heart 

Ah yes young jedi
After 3 months of working only from my laptop I have my new desk set up thanks to my hubby.

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A :-) said...

Wow! So much on your plate. Congratulations on the move. I'm sorry to hear that you husband has been furloughed, but glad you are still working. Did Clark write that note?