Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wednesdays Are For Knitting

For today's post I am going to revisit some of my favorite finished objects. These will not always be the best projects but are the ones I like or am proud of for some reason. All of the links will open in Ravelry just in case you are having issues with the new layout.

1) Clapotis - this was my first project that wasn't a dishcloth, garter stitch scarf or stockinette in the round.

2) Irish Hiking Scarf - my first big cabled project.

3) Fruity Pebbles Sock - my first paid of socks.

4) Rainbow Blanket  - the first blanket I knit for Clark before he was born.

5) Jello-O Shawl - I dyed the yarn for this project.

6) Judy the Precious Pig - I made this in memory of my mom who collected pigs.

7) Alix's Prayer Shawl - my first big lace project. This was a major test of my patience and determination.

8) Clark's Spidey Blanket  - another project that tested my patience and perseverance.

9) Bumpy Road Shawl - my first design project.

10) Birthstone Color Affection - a very sentimental project for me. Thankfully Preston was also born in September so he fits in the project as well.

11) Clark's Christmas Monster - the best knitted toy I made.

12) Little Angel Baby Blanket - the first thing I knit for Preston and my second design project.

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A :-) said...

I must have knit at least 10 Clapotis shawls. It's one of my favorite patterns. And the Irish Hiking scarf, too! And Color Affection. :-D And I guess I've been reading your blog for awhile because I remember when you were knitting that Spiderman blanket for your son :-)