Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Thoughts on Tuesday

Another week is upon us. I am feeling a bit of deja vu. It seems like I am repeating the same week over and over. Here is what I am thinking about today.

1) My doctor is trying to get my iron levels up. I am taking an iron supplement and it seems to be helping. I think a lot of my fuzzy head feeling is because of this.

2) I am also feeling the fall blahs kicking in. It happens to me every year but I still hate it.

3) Preston's vocabulary has exploded in the last couple of weeks. He is starting to speak in 3 and 4 word sentences. It is the coolest thing to see him grow and learn.

Here are the pictures for the week.

Just chilling on the couch watching TV.
Climbing the slide.
An artist at work.

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