Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesdays Are For Knitting and Reading

My knitting production has really decreased since I was pregnant with Preston in 2018. However, for some reason the desire has really returned this year and I am enjoying it. I have a few projects that I am rotating through and today I am working on Clark's blanket.

The pattern is Mollie's Blankie by JenniferKnitfer and the yarn is Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red and  Dark Country Blue. This is the yarn he picked out for me for Christmas 2019 and I really wanted to make him something. I may need to get more yarn though since he is quickly getting very tall!

This is my current book. I am about half way through and I am a bit concerned that things do not seem to be ramping up quickly. I hate when the endings are rushed and I hope that is not what happens in this book. It annoys me to read 200 pages of basically nothing and then 50 pages where the author quickly ties things up. We shall see I guess. What are you working on? 

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