Tuesday, January 04, 2022

2021 In Review

Well what an interesting year this was. It was not quite the shit show that 2020 was but it certainly wasn't terrific either. I feel like the world is stuck in the mud and spinning its tires trying to get out. Hopefully that changes in 2022. Here were my goals for 2021.

1) Read 24 books - nope

2) Knit 12 preemie hats - DONE

3) Finish Clark's  blanket - nope

4) Finish Preston's stocking - DONE

5) Round my purchases up to the nearest dollar and save the change - I did this for a while but fell off

So 2 out of 5 goals met. I am not to upset about that. I am trying much harder to be easier on myself. Yes goals are important but so is life and in the end that is really all that matters. Now onto 2022 and a new set of plans but that is for another post.

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A :-) said...

I think these were great goals, and I love that you were able to achieve a few of them! Yay!!!