Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

I have been feeling like I am in a bit of a creative rut lately. While I have been knitting, I have not been thinking outside the box. While I have tried to push myself further my lazy tendencies have crept in. That is why I have decided to join Project Spectrum 2.0. I'm hoping that this will be another way to help me break out of my comfort zone.

I have some plans brewing in my head already. I do not have any specific patterns in mind but I am thinking more of techniques. I would like to do something with beading, not sure if that will consist of making jewelry, adding beads to my knitting, stitch markers or more. I also want to dye some yarn. I want to work on a sweater. Maybe I will leave that for August/September so I can make it in my favorite color purple. I am also thinking of doing some dishcloths, photography, socks, afghan squares and more. This is going to be fun - I can not wait to get started. Until next time ....

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