Monday, September 17, 2007

Knitty Fall 2007

So I was impressed with the Fall issue of Knitty. There were several patterns I liked but here are my favorites.

Muir by Rosemary Hill. I love this shawl and it is my favorite pattern in the issue. Although the fact that you have to download a separate file for the chart scares me.

Totally Autumn by Anne Hanson. I love the idea of snuggling up with this throw, my hubby and a scary movie on Halloween.

Mr Greenjeans by Amy Swenson. A nice, classic sweater pattern. If I made this I would choose a solid color though. I would also shorten the ribbing on the cuffs.

Woodins by Anna Hrachovec. I do not know if I would actually ever knit this pattern but they are to cute for words.

Now from the WTF files I present the Pecan Pie Beret.

This is just ugly. No scratch that - it is fugly!

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knottykitty said...

I agree about the Woodins! And about the fugly thing, too! You just can't have too many ugly berets, right? :)