Monday, August 10, 2009

Before and After

One of the items on my New Years To Do list was to organize the mess in our basement. We moved into this place about 3-1/2 weeks before Clark was born so everything we did not have the chance to unpack ended up in the basement. Over time things were added to the pile and it became HUGE. Here is the before picture.

After a lot of work Jerry and I managed to end up with this:

The shelves came from Ikea and were dirt cheap. It is really a good thing we got this off the floor since we got some water in the area under the last two shelves during the torrential rain we had on Saturday. I still have to go through and organize my books and magazines but this is a major improvement. Until next time ....


Margaret said...

That's impressive Kristy. I still haven't completely unpacked since we moved into our condo in 1999. It's always on my to do list but keeps getting pushed down by more urgent or appealing tasks.

g-girl said...

looks good! i'm sure it feels good too. :)