Monday, December 21, 2009

Can it be done??

Can my gifts be done in time to wrap them Thursday night? I am not so sure. I started a book sweater for my sister yesterday and it is 2" from completion plus seaming. I am on the 7th of 9 repeats for the blanket for my brother and SIL. It will be tight but it may be possible.

Here are some modeled shots of Clark's vest. They are not the best but with his constant movement it is all I can do. I think his head has grown because it is very difficult to get over his head now but a month ago when I first tried it on him it was fine.

Next up is Sheldon. I had to sew a smile on him because he looked a little evil without it. The pattern was really quick and easy. I sewed his shell on because 1) his attachment panel came out to small and 2) it will work better with Clark anyway. I wouldn't want his shell to be lost one day!

Details as always located at the FO blog and Ravelry. Now I off to do some more knitting. Until next time ....


Channon said...

Good luck! I'm using gift bags this year, so I figure I can finish en route and drop the item in the bag, fluff the tissue and smile... ;)

g-girl said...

well, if you choose to finish knitting instead of sleep you'll be finished with plenty of time! ;) no, i'm sure you'll be finished. Clark looks so handsome in his vest! Oh and you are going to have so much fun in a couple years when you can start doing crafts with him!