Sunday, December 27, 2009

Phew it's over!

No not the gift knitting but I am happy Christmas is over. It was a nice day but it has taken until today for me to get back to normal. The edging finished on the blanket did not get completed but they understood and I am ready to start it now. I needed to take a couple of days off to recover!

My last completed object was a book sweater for my sister. Details located on Ravelry and my FO Blog.

I want to make one for myself now. I have plenty of yarn so that will be one of my 2010 projects.

I hope Santa was good to you - he sure was to us. I got a new purse from Jerry. He is also going to get my engagement ring fixed. One of the diamonds fell out back in April but luckily it has a lifetime guarantee so we only have to pay for labor. I miss wearing it so I can not wait to have it back. From my family I received Sock Innovation by Cookie A, the Saving Dinner cookbook, 2 Knitting mysteries (While My Pretty One Knits and Death by Cashmere), seasons 3 & 4 of Supernatural, the new Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw CDs, a Borders gift card and some new pajama pants. Clark got a TON of stuff of course. He got new clothes, pajamas, toiletries and utensils. He also got a lot of toys and some books. The Mega Blocks and Little People were the popular choice this year! It was a great holiday but again I am glad it only comes once a year. Until next time ....


Channon said...

I liked the book cozy I made too, and said I'd make more, but... I haven't yet.

g-girl said...

i really like the book cozy! such a great idea. love the colors also. you got spoiled with knitting gifts! lucky. :)