Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 To Do and To Do Not Lists

I hope everyone had a great New Year. We went to my dad's house for brunch and had Chinese for dinner. I love a year that starts out with me not having to cook dinner! I have decided to keep my lists easy this year. I am really trying to simplify my life so I think my lists should reflect that. So here are my goals for 2010:

To Dos
1) Save more money
2) Cut down on internet time (it has gotten ridiculous since I have been unemployed)
3) Stay positive
4) Knit some for charity
5) Find a job (goes without saying)

To Do Nots
1) Stress eating
2) Drink so much pop
3) Lose my patience so much

So I think that should do it. I hope we all get what we want in 2010. Until next time ....


Channon said...

I'm loving all the alternatives to resolutions I'm seeing this year. Those are nice lists that will serve you well, I'm sure!

(Hope you get to cross #5 off the to-do list early on.)

AllyB said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by. Best to you and yours for 2010.

Lolly said...

Best wishes with all the goals on your lists - it's hard stuff! I really want to try to spend less time on my computer too - but wow, that is so hard. I feel that I am either in front of this screen or the tv screen watching hockey :P the hockey-watching isn't going to stop, but I could cut down here!

And I am with you on staying positive too. It is so easy to devolve and get negative about things, but there is a great joy and challenge in seeing the good things. Good luck to you~~

g-girl said...

good luck to with both your lists this year. :)