Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's ToT topic is one near and dear to my heart. I am a HUGE sports fan so I can really appreciate 10 Reasons to Watch Football.

1) It is very conducive to knitting. There is a lot of stop and go action so you can work on a project that is a little more complicated.
2) It's a great excuse to be lazy & stay in your PJs all day.
3) Hot guys + tight pants = need I say more?
4) Yummy snacks to eat. We also have a long standing tradition of getting pizza on Superbowl Sunday.
5) After a long summer of baseball being the only sport on TV (which I find incredibly boring to watch unless it is live) it is nice to have some excitement.
6) There's nothing like being in a stadium surrounded by your fellow fans - especially when you win a close game or beat your biggest rival.
7) It is the only sport where you can be in 90 degree weather one week and sitting in the snow the next.
8) Sometimes yelling at the TV over a bad call (like the one against the Lions on Sunday) can be very therapeutic.
9) The guys on the Fox pre-game show just crack me up - especially Terry Bradshaw.
10) Seriously what else are you going to watch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

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