Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's ToT topic is a good one with the holidays fast approaching - 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life.

1) Organize, organize, organize. It is so much easier when you can find what you need when you need it.
2) Write it down so you don't have to try and remember it.
3) Realize that you cannot please everyone all the time.
4) Learn to say no. No matter what you think you cannot do it all.
5) Pick the things that matter the most to you and concentrate on those.
6) Slow down. We move so fast these days we all need time to take a breath.
7) Remember that no one is as together as you think they are so quit comparing yourself to them.
8) Take some deep breaths once in a while.
9) Purge your clutter and excess stuff.
10) Remember that in 10 years you probably won't even remember the things that seem so bad today.

Until next time ....


Channon said...

Good advice in there. Thank you!!

g-girl said...

very awesome list. thanks for the reminders. :)