Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This week's ToT topic is very timely. This week is 10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving.

1) The food. I love the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, scalloped corn and of course the pumpkin pie with tons of real whipped cream on top.
2) Football. Even though our Lions lose pretty much every year it is still a tradition to watch them and the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving Day.
3) Spending time with family.
4) Before dinner when we all go around and say one thing we are thankful for.
5) That this holiday is not about gifts or comercialization but just about spending time with the people you love.
6) Leftovers. Nothing beats a turkey sandwich the day after Thanksgiving.
7) A four day weekend. I have only had one job where I have not had the day after off so I look forward to this 4 day weekend every year.
8) America's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I want to take Clark one day since I have never been. However, I will pay to sit in the bleachers.
9) Taking time to remember how blessed I am and remember to have gratitude for my life.
10) That I do not have to make the feast!


Channon said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'd have to add the dog show following the parade to my list...

g-girl said...

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! :)