Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's ToT topic is 10 Things on Your to Do List.

1) Shopping. I have yet to purchase a gift so I better get going.
2) Wrap gifts once they are bought.
3) Get Clark's picture taken (although this one maybe put off until January).
4) Bake cookies.
5) Enroll Clark with the school district for his early childhood intervention courses.
6) Get Christmas e-card ready since regular cards will not be going out this year.
7) Organize the piles of papers that need to be filed.
8) Dust and vacuum the house.
9) Try to catch up on the laundry.
10) Attempt to catch up on the shows on our DVR.

Until next time ....

1 comment:

Channon said...

Just as soon as I get caught up here, I'm going to start on my cards. I'm hoping to get them done today and tomorrow (at work). I don't want to talk about the rest, because denial is sometimes a good thing.