Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Just in time for the holiday today's ToT topic is 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas.

1) Gift cards. Many people think they are the lazy way out but I am a big believer in them.
2) Bake some cookies, candy, bread, etc.
3) Homemade coupons for babysitting services, lawn cutting, etc.
4) A nice plant.
5) Buy some plain glass ornaments and jazz them up.
6) Knit a chunky hat or gloves.
7) Buy a DVD and add it to a basket with some nice popcorn and other snacks they may like.
8) Make a donation to the person's favorite charity.
9) Buy a nice bottle of wine or their favorite liquor.
10) The best gift you can ever give someone - your time.

1 comment:

Channon said...

THANK YOU. Your first and last are so VERY true. My MIL and I feud about gift cards constantly. She thinks they're impersonal. Me... I remember being about 8 and getting my first birthday money to buy whatever I wanted! It was so liberating! And sometimes, it really is the right gift...