Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 To Do and To Do Not Lists

I am starting off the New Year behind already. I meant to do this yesterday but I did not have time. DH went to visit his girls and he dropped Clark and I off at my dad's house for brunch and football. By the time he got back to my dad's it was almost 10pm and we both were exhausted so we spent the night. So I am keeping this year's lists short and simple like last year.

To Dos
1) Work on being healthier.
2) Cut down on unnecessary spending. I am the queen of taking $20 out of the ATM in the monrning and having it gone in the evening without being able to say what I spent it on.
3) Spend more quality time with the hubby.
4) Declutter this house.

To Do Nots
1) Worry so much.
2) Lose my patience (still need to work on this one from last year).
3) Make excuses for bad behavior in others and myself.

It is back to reality tomorrow. Not sure I am ready but we do not have a choice do we? Until next time ....


Dorothy said...

Your list could be mine!! I'm in the process of cleaning out/decluttering my sewing room in preparation for painting. I've spent so much money on projects that are just sitting in boxes. So this will be the year of finishing some of those projects before spending money on new ones. I also need to work on the worry. Isn't New Year's nice when we feel as if we have a fresh start. Happy New Year and best wishes on your goals!

g-girl said...

good luck with your to do list for this year! :)