Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The topic this week is 10 Headlines From the Year You Were Born. I think this is a really great topic. So here are some headlines from 1976.

1) Patty Hearst Is Found Guilty Of Bank Robbery
2) Democrats Nominate Jimmy Charter For President
3) Chinese Leader Mao Tse-tung Dies
4) OPEC Announces 5-10% Oil Price Hike
5) Supreme Court Rules Capital Punishment Is Constitutional
6) The First Commercial Concorde Flight Takes Off
7) The United States Celebrates 200th Birthday of Independence from British Rule
8) The CN tower in Toronto, Canada is completed and is the the tallest free standing structure in the world
9) Nadia Comaneci wins 3 gold medals at the Montreal Olympics with seven perfect scores
10) Mysterious Disease Strikes American Legion Convention in Philadelphia

This was fun. Until next time ....

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