Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

With Thanksgiving on Thursday it only makes sense that this weeks topic is 10 Things for Which You Are Thankful.

1) My husband - he manages to not only put up with me but love me at the same time. He can always make me laugh and feel better even on my worst days. He is also a wonderful daddy to our son.
2) Clark – he is an amazing little boy. He has such a good heart and is always kind and caring not only with us but with everyone around him. Nothing beats coming home after a long day or picking him up at preschool and having him run to you yelling “mommy, mommy, mommy!”
3) My extended family – my dad, sister, brother, sister in law and nieces. Even though they drive me crazy sometimes I still love them.
4) My job – after 6 years of working at a place I hated it is so nice to have a job that is ok to go to everyday.
5) My health – I am able to walk, breathe and am in relatively good health. Plus I have made some changes in the last few months to improve my health and make things even better in this area.
6) My friends – both real life and online. It is nice to feel like you have people you can count on.
7) My home – while there are little things that annoy me about where we live we are in a very safe area with a great school system.
8) Technology - I have been re-reading the Little House Series and I am so glad that I do not have to grow my own food, build my own house or kill my dinner.
9) Knitting - it has managed to keep me sane through many ups and downs.
10) All of you out there reading this. Thank you for coming by and eoncouraging me to keep going.


Sandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving! WHile just a regular weekend for us Canadians, I may just cook some turkey this weekend to feel like part of the crowd!

g-girl said...

you have many things to be thankful for! you're lucky as there are some people who don't realize how lucky they are.