Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The topic this week is Ten Favorite Musicals. Now this is a topic after my heart. My mom LOVED musicals and instilled a love of them in me early.

1) RENT - I have seen this on stage close to 10 times. I have never seen the movie because I hear that it sucks.
2) The Phantom of the Opera
3) West Side Story - this is one of my mom's favorites as well.
4) Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly was very dreamy and Debbie Reynolds was so adorable.
5) Mary Poppins - I wanted her to be my nanny so badly as a kid.
6) Miss Saigon
7) Chicago
8) The Sound of Music - the first musical I remember watching with my mom.
9) The Lion King - the animals still amaze me.
10) Grease - I wanted to be Sandy as a kid.

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lauriec said...

I love musicals too & have to add A Chorus Line to your list. The Broadway show, not the horrible 80s movie!