Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Our topic for this week is 10 Things You Wished You Liked.

1) Fish - I know it is really good for you but I just cannot eat it
2) Mushrooms - DH loves them and wants me to cook with them but I cannot deal with them unless they are diced really small
3) Exercise - it would make things so much easier
4) Camping - it would be fun to take Clark but I am a not a nature girl
5) Wine - wine drinkers just seem so cool to me but I very rarely find something I can stand to drink
6) Coffee - it would be much cheaper to drink the coffee at work for my caffeine fix rather than buying a Coke Zero
7)  Oatmeal - while I eat it everyday for breakfast I do so because it is cheap and good for you not because I like it
8) The news - I feel so out of it sometimes but it is so negative I just cannot stand watching/reading it much.
9) Cleaning - then maybe I wouldn't put it off quite so much
10) Saving money - while I do like this in theory in practice not so much since I never save any

Until next ....


Miss Me said...

interesting list! i'm with you on the mushroom thing. i don't like how they feel, how they taste or how they smell... have you tried tea rather than coffee? there are so many different sorts, and many of them have more caffiene than coffee.

g-girl said...

really, you don't like fish? what about shellfish? it's good for you too..and no mushrooms either? I shouldn't talk. I won't eat the regular white mushrooms if I have a choice. Any other kind but those. I'm with ya on the exercise front and the camping one too!! I am SO not a nature girl either! Wine, if it is offered to me I'll have some..usually red but it isn't a favorite of mine. You don't like oatmeal? Have you tried steel cut? The news I have on just so I know what's going on. Cleaning? I actually like doing--I just don't have the time for it. And yeah, saving money isn't fun but it's good in theory!