Friday, November 02, 2012

Book Read: October 2012

You will notice the title of this post is book singular. Yes I only managed to read one book for the entire month of October. Now the book I read was almost 600 pages so it was like 2 of my normal books but still only one book is pretty sad. My reading mojo has been lacking lately - probably because my knitting mojo is back in full force. This is evident by the fact that I finished 6 projects in October. Anyway for the month I read:

1) A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness - Diana Bishop is a scholar studying at Oxford who also happens to be a witch. She wants nothing to with magic however one day she stumbles upon on old manuscript that her fellow witches have been trying to get access to for hundreds of years and is able to open it. Now they want to know her secret and stop her budding romance with Professor Matthew Clairmont who happens to be a vampire.

Maybe next month I can manage 2 whole books. Until next time ....


A :-) said...

I LOVED this book and the second one in the series. Can hardly wait for the third!

g-girl said...

one is better than none!