Friday, February 15, 2013

Giving it Up

I have not been one for giving things up for Lent. In fact I have never made this sacrifice. However, this year I felt the need to finally quit something. Between Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Pinterest and Ravelry forums I have been on social media overload. I stress myself out over keeping up with everything which is really dumb. This is also cutting into my precious knitting time which irritates me. So for the Lenten season I am giving up social media. Now here are my rules.

1) No Facebook, Twitter or Plurk at all
2) No reading Ravelry forums but I will add my FO pictures to the threads for the KALs that I am participating in
3) I will still post my projects on Ravelry
4) I will still follow my friend's activity as I love seeing everyone's progress and this really does not take up that much time
5) If I am looking for something I know I have pinned on Pinterest I can go to my boards to find it
6) I will still pin things I find on the internet using the Pin It option I have installed on my toolbar but no surfing website

So far so good, I actually started a few days early by cutting way down on the amount of time I was on these sites for about a week. I can say that I am not really missing it that much. Until next time ....

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SissySees said...

I considered unplugging for Lent too, but... I didn't. Instead, I'm trying to be a better wife, which does still involve stepping away from the computer!