Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FO: Rockin' Toddler Socks

This FO is one major epic fail. Back in December I decided to try and knit Clark a pair of socks as a Chrstmas gift. I found the pattern and pulled out some left over sock yarn from my stash and the Rockin' Toddler Socks were born.

Now why are these a fail? Well first they took forever to knit. Why socks for such little feet took me over 2 months to comlete I do not know. Secondly, I ran out of yarn and had to rip back to the cuff on both socks. When they were finally finished and I showed them to Clark he told me "I don't want those socks."Then when I finally got him to put them on they are to small. I have some more yarn and could make them longer but I really don't want to. So these will be heading into the charity bin and I am thinking Clark will be wearing store bought socks from now on. Until next time ....

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