Saturday, April 13, 2013

Post Lent Check In

I know I am a bit late doing this but things have been crazy the last couple of weeks. The depression I usually deal with in January and February has reared its ugly head now and I have not been up to posting much.

Now you may remember that I gave up social media for Lent and it was much easier than I thought it would be. So much so that even now I am not on these sites very much. It has become such a habit to not check them that it really does not cross my mind. So I have figured out a couple of things.

1) I am no longer on Plurk. There is just not enough time for everything.
2) I am also not active on Pinterest. I have so many things pinned on there that I could never do them all and do not feel the need to add more.
3) My Facebook and Twitter accounts will remain active.
4) I am less active on the Ravelry boards. I realize that I do not need to comment on every podcast episode I listen/watch. There are just to many of them to keep up with all the boards.

I am very happy with these changes. Stressing myself out over keeping up with these sites is just crazy and I am really happy to let it all go. Until next time ....


SissySees said...

Yay! I never have gotten the hang of Twitter or podcasts...

lauriec said...

I stay active on FB but partly out of duty since I'm an admin. on our PTA page. I never got into Twitter that much as really, why do you (general you) need to know my every move & thought.

I hope you come out of your funk soon---I had been in a funk for the last couple weeks due to some bad news regarding friends of mine but found a few good belly laughs over the past couple days have helped me to let the funk go. xox

A :-) said...

Yay You! I gave Facebook up for Lent. It was certainly challenging. Hope you are feeling better :-)