Sunday, June 09, 2013

WIP: Hitchin' a Ride

I have been looking for some easy knit prjoects lately. Work has been insane for the past 3 months and shows no signs of slowing down. I now have a laptop so I have been working from home at night and on the weekends. In the last week I have worked 15 hours of overtime which to me is insane. So when it comes time to knit I am exhausted and need something fairly mindless to work on. The Hitchhiker suits this need wonderfully. So here is my Hitchin' a Ride.

There are 10 teeth in this picture. I have knit several more since this was taken but I am to lazy to go get the project and count them. The yarn is FiveMoons Luna Plus 4-ply in the Marmalade Chutney colorway. The yarn is fairly nice to knit with and the shawl is very squooshy. I won the yarn in the Squares for Comfort KAL with the Knitting Brooklyn podcast group. I am now using it to knit for the Wolfe Farms/LEMknitCrochet Behm-along and the Orange-along with The Fat Squirrel Speaks group. These both finish at the end of the month so I better get knitting. Until next time ....

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Sandra said...

Love the Hitching a Ride - it's a great pattern, and the colour is really lovely.
And I get the insane work thing. Really.