Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's the little things

As part of the Remembering Remy KAL earlier this year I was the lucky winner of two prizes. I won two skeins of yarn from two independent yarn dyers. Now I love these yarns but I just cannot afford to buy them very often. I am excited to be able to try out these dyers so when I do have some extra funds and can splurge I will know what I am getting. With that being said I have had two vastly different experiences.

With the first dyer, who is very popular in the podcast world, I will probably not buy from her in the future. Now the yarn is something that she had in her shop but it took her quite a while to send it. Now I can forgive that as paid orders will always come first - which I totally understand. However she never sent me a message or anything letting me know what was going on. When I did get the yarn - which is beautiful - there was no note or anything. I was not expecting a lot but there wasn't even a business card in the package. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Now the second dyer - Ethereal Fibers - was wonderful. She sent me a message on Ravelry asking me what colors I like as she was going to custom dye a colorway for me. When the package came in I was presented with this beauty.

Kelly also included a very nice note, some of her business cards and a couple of cute pencils. I would definitely order from her in the future. Sometimes the little things make all the difference. Until next time ....

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