Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FO: Hippy Hippo

First of all I hope you all have had a wonderful 11/12/13. Apparently today was a very popular day for weddings.

I am sure no one wants to be reminded but Christmas is not very far away. Thanks to our car breaking down while we were on our way up north this summer the gift fund is seriously depleted. So what is a knitter to do? Knit stuff of course.

Clark has a hippo bath toy that he loves. In fact he sleeps with it most nights. Unfortunately it is one of those toys that shoots water so it leaks no matter how hard you try to get all the water out of it. I remembered that I had a hippo pattern in my queue so the Hippy Hippo was born.

The pattern is Mini Hippo by Aine Marriott and I knit it out of Lion Brand Pound of Love in Bubble Gum. The pattern was very quick and easy. I knit it in about 2 days and then got lazy about stuffing and sewing it together which is why it took 3 weeks to finish. It is very cute and I know that Clark will love it when he opens it on Christmas morning. Until next time ....

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