Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dye Day

Clark has asked me to make him a scarf. Not just any scarf but a red one. Now I did not have any appropriate red yarn in my stash (the sparkly just won't cut it) and with post holiday funds being so low I was worried about buying more yarn. Then I remembered that I had some bare Wool2Dye4 yarn in my stash and decided to have Clark help make the yarn for his scarf.

Getting ready to start

The yarn taking a bath

The dye bath ready to go. We used Kroger brand Cherry gelatin.

Stirring the yarn in the bath

Soaking away

After being zapped in the microwave

The boy and his creation. Now to get to knitting. Until next time ....


Sandra said...

how to almost guarantee he will love this scarf! Note I said almost - I have a 14 year old boy, nothing is a guarantee...

A :-) said...

Great plan and it looks like you both had big fun!!