Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: The Olympic Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Thoughts on the 2014 Winter Olympics. Here we go.

1) I have not been watching as much as I usually do.
2) I never realized that Detroit was such a mecca of ice dancing. It seemed like every other team in the competition trains here.
3) I do not understand why they insist on holding the last couple of games in areas that are so temperate and then wonder why there are issues with the courses
4) I was expecting the reporter interviewing Bode Miller the other night to bust out a picture of his dead brother. I know he doesn’t show emotion very often but she was out of control.
5) I am glad that Matt Lauer and that horrible beard are gone from the prime time show. Give me Bob Costas and his red eye any day (and I cannot stand Bob Costas).
6) I want to watch hockey but I cannot stand Pierre Maguire. I keep hoping he will get hit in the head by a puck one day.
7) I always root for Finland if the US is not in it. However, I do not find myself rooting for the UK. I guess I favor the Finnish side of me more.
8) I cannot remember who said it but someone said that skeleton was invented by a drunk guy who didn’t think the luge was dangerous enough and I agree.
9) My favorite part of the opening ceremonies is the parade of nations but I also love at the closing ceremonies when they come in as one big group.
10) There is still that little girl part of me that wishes I could have been a figure skater. However at almost 6’ tall that was not going to happen. My height also killed my dreams of being Mary Lou Retton and a jockey.

Until next time ….


knittingtheblues said...

Nice list. I have to stick up for Pierre, though. I didn't like him for a while and then I learned a little bit more about him. He is really intelligent and backs all kinds of safety efforts for players. He is also really supportive of youth hockey programs. there is more, but one thing that could make it fun, google Pierre McGuire drinking game. That could take the edge of listening to him! ;)

Laurie said...

LOVE #8.