Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone.  I cannot believe that it is already the middle of October. Here are 5 random things from this week.

1) I am trying to have a better attitude at work. I may not like my new boss but I cannot let that get me down.

2) I am really enjoying the new show How to Get Away with Murder. I have only watched the first 2 episodes but it is good so far.

3) I have already come up with my theme for 2015 - Just Do It Already. I am going to start this philosophy now. There are so many things that I am holding back from doing so I need to just let go and do them.

4) I am actually contemplating Christmas gifts already. I may even buy some of Clark's gifts before December. I do not recognize myself.

5) I love my hubby but he did something to my car and now my dashboard does not light up. Coming home from knit night Wednesday was an adventure.

Here are some photos from the week

Playing Chutes and Ladders

This thing woke me up from the other bedroom at 5:30am Saturday morning. The boys - who were sleeping right under it - did not stir.

He still loves his Little Tykes car even though he is way to big for it.

Fall colors on my way home

I love this old tree


SissySees said...

I guess it's safe to share here that I'm all but hating my job these days too. I try not to be negative, but it just drains me and leaves me a wad of stress. I'm contemplating job-hunting...

Maybe after I get through this week I can think about Christmas!

A :-) said...

Just Do It Already!!!! I LOVE this!!! :-)