Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on Friday

So I skipped the update last week and I am still having a hard time coming up with 5 things to discuss. I guess this is a good thing since it means things are pretty calm and easy.

1) On the 16th my DH turned 50. I am officially married to an old man!

2) On Tuesday I helped with the Thanksgiving Feast at Clark's school. He loves having me there and it makes me feel good to see how happy it makes him.

3) We had a very nice Thanksgiving yesterday. Unfortunately my dad had to work at 4pm so he did not get to go to my SIL's brother's house for their dinner.

4) I think it is ridiculous that these stupid sales start on Thursday. Why can't these crazies wait another 12 hours for the stores to open at 4am?

5) Monday is December 1st which means it is time to start our annual Advent activities. I love that Clark gets so excited to do this but it is a lot of work.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.

The best day of the year at my office - Pie Extravaganza!

 Is it November or January?

I really need to remember this

Making cheesecake for Daddy's birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Going out for pancakes

Gobble Gobble!

This is my brother's puppy Levi. I want to steal him every time

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