Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Happy Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Things You Are Happy About Right Now. Here we go.

1) Clark and I had a great day yesterday. He had the day off for MLK Day so I took a vacation day and we hung out.

2) We also had a good morning today. He got up and ready very easily. 

3) Since I was off yesterday this is a short week for me!

4) My knitting mojo is coming back. Of course now I want to knit all the things and must hold myself back a bit.

5) I won some patterns in different giveaways over the past few weeks. This is great but contributes to the issue in #4
6)January – my second least favorite month – is almost over

7) Knock on wood the weather has been decent. It was in the 40s over the weekend which was nice. 

8) My anxiety and depression has been really well controlled the last few weeks. I know this is because my blood sugars are under control for the first time in a while.

9) My reading mojo has also returned.

10) I have found some new to me podcasts – including Invisibilia, Criminal, The Natural Needler and Moonbeam Makes

Until next time ….

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A :-) said...

Well done on your blood sugar!! :-)