Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Giving and Gaining

The season of Lent is once again upon us. For the next 40 days millions of people all over the world will be sacrificing something they enjoy in the name of religious devotion. Now I am pretty far from religious but I have always enjoyed the idea of challenging myself and Lent give me a dedicated time frame to do so.  This year I decided that I wanted to give something up and try to add something positive to my life. I am in good company because Adrienne is doing the same thing.

I am giving up unnecessary spending.  I was doing some calculations lately and realized that in what I spend  just in pop from the vending machine at work and buying McDonald’s for breakfast  I could buy almost 2 tanks of gas for my car. So if it is not a bill or a requirement to survive like groceries then I am not buying it. And ice cream, chips and other junk food do not constitute required groceries. 

To add something positive to my life I am vowing to work out every day. My caveat to this is that I will be taking Sundays off. It always seemed like a cop out to me that Sundays don’t count in the days of Lent but I feel like your body does need off days from exercising so I am shooting for a Monday-Saturday workout schedule. 

Please wish me luck in my pursuit of these goals. Is there anything you are giving up for the Lenten season? Until next time ….

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