Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wips, Wips Everywhere

My WIP situation is way out of control. I usually do not let the number of projects on the needles bother me but even I am feeling some pressure. Currently I am working on:

1) Blue Artichokes - these have been on the needles since April 2014. I am working on the gusset decreases of the second sock.

2) Doctor Who Blanket - I started this in April of this year and have completed 10 squares.

3) Bumpy Road 2.0 - this is my second version of my first shawl design. and was started in February.

4) Root Beer City Rollers - these were my mothers day cast on this year.

5) Little Angel Blanket - another design I am working on.

6) Birthday Morning Shawl -  I cast this on for my 40th birthday in June

7) Tigers Market Bag - another new cast on that was started in July.

8) University Mitts - the newest project that I cast on for the Ravellenics.

9) Nerd-ghan - my oldest WIP that was started in January 2013. The squares are all knit so I need to block, seam and add a border.

10) Preemie hats - I am on hat #23 of my 52 total goal.

11) Christmas ornaments - I am on #19 of my 24 total goal.

I think may the month of September will be a finish it up month for me! Until next time ....

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