Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Musings

Another week has begun. Here is what I am thinking about this week.

1) I am so glad that the rain of last week has finally ended. For awhile there I thought I moved to the Pacific northwest without knowing it.

2) I have been in a bit of a funk for the past month or so. I know part of it has to do with my back and arm pain that I am still dealing with but I am not sure what else maybe going on. All I want to do is sleep and veg out in front of the TV and I feel like my nerves are right on the edge of my skin.

3) I am going to the doctor next week for my 3 month checkup so hopefully we can figure out how to do something about this pain.

4) I am sick of the complaining a certain person in my family feels like spewing on me. When you make bad choices you have to pay the piper. Be an adult and quit complaining already

Here are the pictures for the week

This was day #3 of rain

Day #4 of rain

I am one of those weirdos who likes white chocolate so I find these pretty yummy

I almost did not recognize the large yellow ball in the sky

Playing frisbee in the spring warmth and sunshine

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