Thursday, June 29, 2017

Think Write Thursday: The When I Grow Up Edition

The topic for this week's post is to write about what you thought you were going to be when you grew up and how that compares to what you actually are.

When I was very little I had many thoughts of what I wanted to be. A teacher, a gymnast, a horse jockey,  a singer, and an actress to name a few.

Soon my dreams of being a gymnast or a jockey were dashed because I was way too tall. Plus I cannot even do a cartwheel.

For awhile in high school I had dreams of being a journalist. I read a Danielle Steele novel about a female journalist during the Vietnam War and was mesmerized.

I am not quite sure when the journalist dream died but my main ambition in high school and college was to be a lawyer. I was a Political Science/Pre-Law major in college. I wanted to be a prosecutor or work for the Southern Poverty Law Center. I read so many John Grisham novels it was not funny. I also had political aspirations and sometimes imagined being President one day.

In college I worked in state politics and soon learned it was not for me. I am not good at the BS which means I would be a horrible politician. I am more into political theory - for example this would be the study of why so many white lower and middle class voters were drawn to Donald Trump in the last election. However, to work in that field you have to have a PhD - which I have no desire to pursue - and live in Washington DC or New York which again I have no desire to do.

Somewhere along there the idea of law school also lost its luster. Again, there is a lot of BS that occurs in the legal field and I have no desire to deal with it.

So as far as my career goes I am doing nothing anywhere close to what I thought I would do when I was younger. I am really fine with that. While I do not love what I do for me it is only a way to pay my bills and it is not my life.

My life is my husband and son. When I was younger I always knew I wanted to be a wife and a mother. I played a lot with baby dolls and loved being around my baby cousins. In that aspect I am doing exactly what I wanted and could not be happier.

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