Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday Musings

Another week is upon us. Here is what is on my mind today.

1) Clark vomited in the car on our way out to dinner with my family Saturday. Thankfully it seems like his lunch just did not agree with him and he was fine yesterday.

2) It snowed again yesterday, I am wondering where the mild winter we were promised went.

3) It is a short week for me. I am taking Friday off as my floating President's Day holiday. I am looking forward to having a day to myself. Of course I will probably think I will be able to get way more done than will be possible.

Here are the pictures for the week.

Two of my three Valentines
My yummy treats that my DH gave me for Valentine's Day
 I love all of the cute things our daycare does.
He loves his new walker

1 comment:

A :-) said...

I love that saying. Thank you for posting it. Preston is growing by leaps and bounds!