Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Thoughts on Tuesday

Well here we are at the beginning of a new month. It is the month of my birth. But right now there is so much going on in the world it seems like the end of the world is upon us. Here is what is on my mind this week.

1) I cannot even get into what is happening in this country because of the death of (most recently) George Floyd. I guess a black man's life is only worth $19 because he was murdered over a $20 fake bill. My heart aches for his family, especially his children, and all of those who have been the victims of violence and brutality. It has to end but I do not hold out hope that it will.

2) I saw the hematologist last week and she is not to concerned about my white blood cell count. She reviewed my lab results going back to 2007 and it has always been high and has fluxuated a lot which points away from cancer. She said it could be caused by being overweight, inflamation or diabetes. She is going to run a few more tests and I have to go back at the end of the month (on my birthday) and if everything is ok I won't need to see her again.

3) We heard that our daycare maybe closed until August. My hubby will probably go back to work in the next couple of weeks. Trying to watch Preston and work at the same time is not going to be fun.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.

He loves to look out to front window
My loves
We may need to work on which end of the spoon goes in our mouth
Hubby enjoying his new toy
Enjoying the nice weather while daddy grills up dinner
Of course our air goes out on a holiday weekend when it is 95 degrees outside
Creating an ice cream monster
Enough said
When did my baby grow up?

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